Whether you are working on a large construction project or a small street project we have the rental equipment you need to get the job done right and on time.
There is no Job too large or too small.
We are the largest safety equipment rental company in the Mid-West.
Our extensive fleet includes over 30 truck mounted attenuators, 100 message boards, 90 arrow boards and much more.
All rental Items are also available for purchase.

All rental Items are also available for purchase.

All rental Items are also available for purchase.

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Safely cover holes with a steel street plate. Street plates are made of high strength steel and have securing holes. The plate provides a temporary road surface that is simply laid over any excavation to enable vehicle access. They have various uses from driveway access to covering pits in roadways.

Available sizes are:

5’x8’ 6’x10’ 8’x10’ 8’x16’ 8’x20’


We have a huge inventory of Type I and Type III barricades in our rental fleet. Optional light available. NCHRP-350 Approved.


Plastic Barrier Wall is designed to keep a job site safe when concrete wall is not available or not recommended. They are made of Durable UV- Resistant polyethylene plastic. Measurements are 42” height, 72” Length, 24” Width. Plastic wall can be water or sand filled and can also be used without a filler. Optional fencing available.


Concrete barrier wall can be used for protection in a work zone, rerouting traffic, crown control, lane dividing and protecting pedestrians. With our fleet of tractor trailers we can also provide delivery and installation of the concrete wall.


The Trimline channelizer has a slim design perfect for narrow highways and street projects where space is an issue. They are very durable and designed to rebound after impact. Can be Stackable with or without a base for easy transportation and storage. NCHRP-350 Approved.


Our arrow boards are designed to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry. Trailer mounted, solar powered, superior visibility, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Meets MUTCD.


The TTMA can be used with any support vehicle of 10,000-lb GVW or more, no maximum weight limit and no need for a dedicated vehicle. It is fully galvanized for long-term moisture and corrosion protection, built to last and hitch-mounted TL-3 trailer TMA with tube bursting technology that utilizes the trailer frame as an energy absorber. They are for use on stationary and slow-moving shadowing in work zones.


Truck Mounted Attenuators are for use on stationary and slow-moving shadowing in work zones. The low profile and open tubular design is beneficial in minimizing wind resistance and drag allowing you to drive at interstate speeds safely, as well as increasing rear visibility and gas mileage. The hydraulic system allows the cartridge to be partially raised for maximum road clearance and maneuverability.


Chain link panel fencing is a perimeter security solution when needing to close off or secure an area for a brief time period. Measurements are: 12’ Wide X 6’ Tall.


Our lightweight Crowd Control Bike Rack Barricade makes it easy to secure the perimeter of a crowd or large event.  Direct pedestrians with our all-welded steel barriers. Easy to transport when assembled and include removable feet that allow flat stacking for space efficient shipment and storage. Measurements are 7’ Wide X 42” Tall.


We have a large assortment of construction and regulatory signs available for rent at all times. Signs can come with or without a stand and the type of stand can vary depending on type of use. Optional flags and lights available.


Reboundable plastic barrels are highly visible and are weighted with a tire ring. Designed to delineate traffic. Optional light available.


Our Light Towers use state-of-the-art technology to achieve superior illumination, exceeding government regulations for worksite illumination. With four 1000-watt light fixtures atop a 30-foot variable-height mast, they shine a uniform light pattern across the entire job site. The diesel engine includes glow-plug preheat system for increased service life and improved cold-weather starting.


With our traffic signals you can quickly replace a knocked down traffic signal, control a single lane closure or use at a complex intersection with turn lanes. The portable traffic signal also allows you the option to remove your flaggers and utilize them in other areas of concern. They are solar powered and can be ran 24 hours a day.


The Radar Speed Trailer with full-matrix display features the largest portable speed sign available today. The giant display shows vehicle speed in bold 26-inch characters, warning motorists to slow down by flashing their excessive speed. The trailer’s see-through design puts pedestrians in view, improving their safety — particularly in high-risk areas. The automated solar charging system provides long run times.


Our message boards are the ideal choice when you need to get information to the public. They offer the easiest programming in the industry, low power consumption, more uptime, trailer mounted, solar powered and a 360-degree display rotation for optimal positioning.


We have a large assortment of traffic cones in our rental inventory. Sizes range from 28” to 36”, with and without reflective collars.


Low-profile interlocking barricades used to close taxiways, runways and delineate construction areas. They allow interconnected units to pivot in multiple orientations, have enhanced wall thickness on barricade bottom and has molded reinforcing ribs add stiffness and strength. Optional flags and lights available.


Flashing lights are available in type b and sequential.


The vertical panel has a narrow design that is perfect for tight configurations. They have anti-skid padded feet to reduce movement in work zones and also lies flat when hit. Optional light available.


The DIB is a collapsible plastic barricade that is easy to set up and store. Its main use is for tapering a lane closure in a work zone. It also helps improve traffic flow and safety in work zones. Optional light available


Stop/Slow paddles are used for flagging operations. Our rental fleet offers a 24” paddle with a 6’ wood handle.

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